Beginner zone


The Parc du Mont-Comi offers 4 slopes suitable for beginners of all ages.

These slopes, accessible for FREE, will allow you to familiarize yourself with your sport of gliding, and this, in complete safety.

PisteFree school-slopes

Parc du Mont-Comi has 4 free school slopes. There are open saturday and sunday. Also, open during the Holiday season and the spring break.
You can get your free ticket directly at the school slopes lift or at the ticket office.
They are located at the base of the mountain on the route Chemin du Mont-Comi, beside the cantine.


EquipementChoosing the proper equipment

There’s no need to buy your gear at this point. Poles, boots and skis with mounted bindings may be rented at the boutique and are included in your initiation lesson package.

For reservation, please contact the boutique at: 418-739-4858 ext. 110

Initiation2A lesson with that?

Downhill skiing and snowboarding are technical sports, it is recommended to train with experienced instructors who will teach you the tricks and techniques for proper learning. Your safety and enjoyment depend on this.
Parc du Mont-Comi offers iniski, inisurf ans initelemark. This package includes one lft ticket for the day, complete quipment and a 2 hour lesson.
You have to reserve for the lesson. To made a reservation contact the ski & board school: 418-739-4858 poste 115.


Maintaining your body temperature in varying weather conditions is a tricky business. Because your personal comfort is the starting point, select clothing that is waterproof, breathable and loose fitting. The best way to dress for winter is to wear layers. This gives you flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the weather and your activity.. the layer worn next to your skin, usually consisting of long underwear. Look for thermal underwear made of a synthetic – usually polyester – fiber that has "wicking" power.
Remember to protect your extremities: your nose, ears and fingers...

CasqueYes to a helmet!

The Québec Ski Association recommends wearing a helmet as an additional security measure. Learn about the benefits and limitations of different models and make sure the helmet selected carries an official seal of approval.

Wearing a helmet does not mean that all risks are permitted, it is important, above all, to respect the code of conduct and to choose safe behaviour.